Defined in xtensor/xoptional_assembly.hpp

template <class VEC, class FEC>
class xt::xoptional_assembly_adaptor

Dense multidimensional adaptor holding optional values, optimized for tensor operations.

The xoptional_assembly_adaptor class implements a dense multidimensional adaptor hoding optional values. It is used to provide an optional expression semantic to two tensor expressions, one holding the value, the hother holding the missing mask.

Template Parameters
  • VEC: The closure for the type of expression holding the values.
  • FE: The closure for the type of expression holding the missing mask.

Inherits from xt::xoptional_assembly_base< xoptional_assembly_adaptor< VEC, FEC > >, xt::xcontainer_semantic< xoptional_assembly_adaptor< VEC, FEC > >


template <class OVE, class OFE>
xt::xoptional_assembly_adaptorxoptional_assembly_adaptor(OVE &&ve, OFE &&fe)

Constructs an xoptional_assembly_adaptor of the given value and missing mask expressions.

  • ve: the expression holding the values
  • fe: the expression holding the missing mask

Extended copy semantic

template <class E>
auto xt::xoptional_assembly_adaptoroperator=(const xexpression<E> &e)

The extended assignment operator.